So, Tatianna What Did You Learn This Semester?


    First off , I have to thank you Mrs. Arrington for being one of the most exciting professors I had this semester. I always looked forward to coming to your class.  I’ve learned so much from you this semester. You not only taught us what the textbook said but also what you experienced in the industry as a buyer. I learned that the fashion industry is one that is complex and everyone who says it isn’t is completely out of their mind. I loved the variety of projects we’ve had this past semester from the silhouette to the decades project. I really enjoyed the silhouette project even though it was a simple one , it allowed me to be creative.  The decade presentations gave me a whole new perspective on fashion ; it wasn’t always as important as it is today. I never realized how many historical events effected fashion. I also confirmed that I am meant to work in the fashion industry and it doesn’t necessarily have to be with large luxury brands because there are so many options for me.  I know I’ll never be bored with this field of work. Again, thank you so much for a wonderful semester and I’ll see you in 2016!

Wearable Art Project: Violence & Promiscuity

The design process for this dress involved many steps, and we came up with multiple designs before settling on the one we ultimately created. We decided to wrap the fabric around the top part of the body of the dress so that we could glue it together easier, then we draped the strips of fabric down the bottom half of the dress. Our group varied the lengths of the skirt. We took plain white 100% cotton and sprayed red paint and a glitter paint over top of the red. We also used spray adhesive glue and painted it onto the dress to keep the pieces together. 

Our inspiration was the influence and acceptance of violence and promiscuity in modern day culture. Music such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Nelly Furtado influenced our inspiration because of its promiscuous lyrics and upbeat rhythm. We feel that our dress represents the promiscuous culture that is emerging. Violence is represented by the pinkish red color choice and the blotting of the spray paint. It is also represented by the braided and wrapped leather headband. It could be seen as a whip. We feel this dress is a correct portrayal for our inspiration. 

Art is relative to each individual and their idea of beauty and interest. Our group as a whole believes that art comes in many forms, one of them being fashion. We all got into this major because we believe fashion in a unique expression of one’s individuality. Fashion as art is expressed through our garment in a way that we believe creates interest and uncommon beauty. We feel it embodies an ideal that violence and promiscuity is being more and more accepted into our culture. 

Group 4:

Tatianna Barry 

Joderick Cooper

Emily Hoff

Molly Watson

Emily McGee

Isis Mirage || close-up || by Ash Lee PhotographyHair/Makeup by meNails by Pinky’s Nails
I appreciate Miley in this ensemble

The Little Black Dress

   We all know the term LBD , it’s a classic piece of clothing that will never go out of style,even if we want it to. But, do we want it to go out of style? Uh no! The little black dress was invented by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s and in 1926 Vogue published a picture of the LBD. It was then popularized by Audrey Hepburn when she starred in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s . Vogue Paris describes The Little Black Dress as “Timeless,essential,and iconic.  It is definitely timeless , the black dress has been around for about ninety-three years and will continue on. Essential, It definitely is . Every women has some version of the LBD dress. In my closet I have a little A-line one that can be dressed up or down. I believe that’s what makes it so iconic, It can be worn anywhere for any occasion. If you don’t own an LBD yet please get your hands on one , you have to. You can throw one on with a jean jacket and flats for a casual look or pair it with a nice pair of heels and a clutch , you’re ready for a night out. This dress also works for every body type , there are no size limits!Every celebrity out there has worn some variation of the dress, from Emma Watson to  Madonna. No matter what your style a Little black dress will fit into it and that’s why it’s so iconic.






Public school is my favorite men’s designer

WWD:Casa Palacio

  Casa Palacio is an extremely upscale and over the top home fashions retailer. The most expensive item in their store is the $250,000 Baccarat Chandelier. It is beautifully designed according to Ignacio Reynoso, the director of Casa Palacio .This store has a very wide selection you can buy a $250,000 chandelier if that’s in your budget , or Ralph Lauren furniture and room sprays from Durance.The store is also very whimsical the way it’s presented to the shopper . You can find book shelves shaped  like polar bears and quotes from famous people posted on the walls. I like the  fact that even the store is upscale it isn’t stuffy .  Their target customer may be the elite but not all elites are stuffed shirts . They like to have fun too. But, the retailer noticed that home decor isn’t just for the rich anymore they have decided to introduce designer style items at “accessible” prices . They still want a higher-end consumer but they feel like adding mid-priced items will increase their companies sells in the next five years. That makes sense because if the customer is wealthy they’re able to go in and spend more because of the lower priced items. They also say since the number of thirty  year olds with decorating abilities are growing so that’s who they’re targeting with their new items. They also hope that this will help the company to compete with other retailers like ZARA Home.